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Welcome to our Student Care Centre’s Photo Gallery.  We are a Student Day Care Centre in Bukit Batok providing student care services after school for primary school students.

Our after school care is a small cosy place that feels like a home with lots of books to read.  It is a place where you can send your child to and have Peace of Mind because no bullying is tolerated or allowed

Although it’s a place where we laugh a lot, it is also a place where we instill a responsible mindset towards school work and learning.  At the same time, your child will be properly coached in doing his daily schoolwork.

Here we motivate our students to work hard as there is no short-cut to success.  Instead of giving answers, we encourage your child to try on his own first and to ask questions.  When needed, we show processes or steps to teach him the methods to solve the challenging questions.

“Lost time is never found again” - goes the saying.  So, how do we make use of your child’s time during school holidays?  School holidays are used to catch up or, read ahead. As a result, many of the children who come to our centre become more productive, disciplined and in tune with what the teacher teaches in school.

Last but not least, our centre is also the place where many K1 and K2 children start their life-long reading journey!  The true child-based teaching method we developed is 100% proven. This program will help your pre-school child succeed in reading and give him a sturdy foundation for P1 and beyond! 

​Please have a look at what our parents say in our Testimonials Section

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