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  • How do I know if my child will benefit from your program?
    Your child will benefit from our classes* if : 1. He or she knows Phonics but still can't read. 2. He or she can speak very well but can't read. 3. He or she is "hyperactive" and doesn't pay attention in class. 4. He or she is an introvert and doesn't respond well in big groups. 5. He or she reads books "by memory". 6. He or she is already K2 and still can't read. * Because it is a meaning-based approach, our program does require that your child be "reasonably OK" in oral and listening comprehension abilities.
  • What's the advantage of your approach ?
    Since no two kids progress at the same speed, our TRUE child-based approach is both the fastest and most effective. Your child recognizes the word by sight, learns word decoding/word-attack skills and his/her memory retention is helped by "meaning anchors". He or she will quickly pick up real words and start reading!
  • What is a typical class like ?
    A typical class has 4 - 5 children, with the number of children capped at 8. Because this is a child-based program, the children in a class are usually at different levels and progressing at their own pace. Your child will be assessed on a continual basis and promoted to the next level once he or she has mastered the present one.


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